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The only thing better than having a clean house is reaping the benefits without having to spend the time and effort to clean it! 

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Elevate your cleaning experience with our exceptional services, tailored to exceed your expectations every time.

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All-Natural Cleaning Products

Embrace a healthier home environment with our gentle yet effective all-natural cleaning products.

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Choose from weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly cleanings to fit seamlessly into your lifestyle.

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At White Glove Cleaning, We Don’t Miss a Spot

With our Spokane cleaning services, we’ll thoroughly clean every room of the house. We use our natural cleaning products to ensure that your bathroom and kitchen surfaces are sanitized, your furniture is spotless, and your floors are sparkling clean. We include a long list of cleaning services with each residential cleaning and we also offer additional a la carte services that you can order separately if you are interested in cleaning only one or two areas of your home. Continue reading to learn about everything that a White Glove cleaning service includes.

Residential & House Cleaning


When it comes to your house, there is no room for messes. Whether you’re a neat freak or you just like things tidy, little compares to coming home to a place that is spotless, fresh, and clean. While it would be nice to tend to your home as often as you like, we know that sometimes that is just not the practical answer, so we offer you an easier solution, taking care of all the house cleaning for you.

At White Glove Cleaning Services, we use all-natural cleaning solutions that not only leave your home spotless but set the standard for how all residential cleaning should be done. You never have to go over our work twice, and we promise to exceed the service of all our competitors each and every time we see you. Our cleaning service will exceed your expectations.


From your laundry room to your bathroom, your stairs, bedroom and even basement, we take care of your home like it is our own. Our residential cleaning service also offers additional cleaning services that include cleaning out your refrigerator, inside your windows, folding your laundry and anything in between. What you do not have time to do, we will take care of for you.

Performing superior cleaning services weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, we pride ourselves on being the cleaners that you trust to leave your home spotless. At White Glove Cleaning Services, it is not clean unless it is white glove clean. Call to get your home cleaning quote now.

Experienced, Reliable House Cleaning Services